The Veriphase Solution

  • Immediate access to our skilled, certified Phased Array and Time-of-Flight Diffraction inspection staff to verify and confirm inspection data and documentation.
  • Rapid Response for 2nd party or 3rd party reviews of critical or complex inspection conditions, materials and disputes.
  • Our Goal:
    • Review Scan Plans, Joint Configurations and ASME Code Requirements
    • Review PA and TOFD data to verify for compliance with Scan Plans
    • Review PA and TOFD data to verify compliance with the UT Procedure
    • Review Data Report forms for confirmation of Recordable Flaws
    • Confirm Acceptance or Rejection of Reported flaws
    • Third Party review of Reported Flaws for Code Acceptance

Unique Service Capabilities

  • NQA-1 Certification Program
  • 48-Hour response for individual inspection needs…even faster in some cases
  • Access to a broad array of NDE professional expertise and skill sets
  • Customized inspection verification program for each client
  • Systematic reporting and computerized tracking of all data and data reviews