The Veriphase Solution

Immediate access to our skilled, certified inspection staff and software tools to verify and confirm Phased Array inspection data results. On top of our Level III experience and expertise, the use of Automatic Detection Technology® software increases POD, quality and efficiency. The combination of human experience and digital intelligence provides an unmatched service for reviewing Phased Array inspection data.

Rapid Response for 2nd party or 3rd party reviews of critical or complex inspection conditions, materials and disputes. We are always willing to analyze your advanced inspection, compliance, and application needs to see if we can provide or develop a standard or technology-based solution.

Our Process

  • ScanCheck™ digital auditing: Automated and systematic processing for data quality and code / procedure compliance. Batch processing and documentation of quality issues like loss of couplant, data dropout, and code required Essential Variables. Hundreds of files can be analyzed in seconds. Incorrect data parameters, file duplication and other error checking is also automated for precision
  • Automated Detection Technology® software rapid batch processing and analysis of Phased Array data
  • Level III review of data utilizing analysis planning reports generated by the ADT software ensures diligent review and removes human errors
  • Full documentation and reporting of findings

Industrial Solutions

Customized Solutions for Wind Tower, Tank Car and other fabrication and manufacturing companies requiring quality and efficient Phased Array inspection programs

Automated Inspection Workflow

  • Phased Array data processing and analysis
  • Data quality checks
  • Reporting to meet code and procedural requirements
  • Monitoring of inspection personnel activity and performance

Complete Phased Array inspection workflow design or optimization utilizing the Automated Detection Technology® Software Suite of tools

Suite of Tools

  • Full analysis of your inspection and compliance needs by our certified Level III and software developer personnel
  • Complete refinement and implementation of the ADT software components required for maximum inspection quality and efficiency
  • Optimization of each software tool to your individual application, environment, and personnel needs
  • Training, testing and remote / on-site support as required for success

Please contact us so we can provide an estimate for our services 205-981-6474